Za darmo! 200 godzin poradników i inspiracji z konferencji Adobe MAX 2015

Coroczna konferencja Adobe MAX dobiegła końca, już tradycyjnie mogliśmy dowiedzieć się o wielu nowościach i zapowiedziach nowości – o czym będziemy jeszcze pisać. Nie każdy jednak był w stanie obejrzeć wszystko, dlatego też zapraszamy. Firma Adobe udostępniła ponad 200 godzin prezentacji poradników i tutoriali z Adobe MAX dla każdego za darmo.

adobe-max-2015 200-godzin

W konferencji odbywającej się w Los Angeles (USA) wzięło udział ponad 7 tysięcy uczestników, którzy mogli uczestniczyć w zapowiedzi nowości w ramach Adobe Creative Cloud, inspirujących wykładach czy prezentacjach najnowszych eksperymentalnych jeszcze funkcji i możliwości programów.

Już dziś każdy może obejrzeć większość tego, co się odbyło. Całość nagrań została podzielona na sześć głównych ścieżek:

  • Creative Careers - kariera w branży kreatywnej
  • Photography & Creative Imaging – Fotografia
  • Web & App Design – Projektowanie stron i aplikacji mobilnych
  • Digital Publishing
  • Graphic Design & Illustration – Grafika i ilustracja
  • Video – Wideo

Wszystkie nagrania ze 173 sesji znajdziecie pod tym linkiem:

Pełną listę tytułów poszczególnych sesji zobaczy poniżej:

MAX 2015 – Keynotes

  • Create with Impact – Welcome from Shantanu Narayen and Bryan Lamkin
  • Create with Impact – CreativeSync
  • Create with Impact – Graphic Design
  • Create with Impact – Web/UX Design
  • Create with Impact – Video
  • Create with Impact – Photography
  • Community Inspires Creativity – Welcome and Maira Kalman
  • Community Inspires Creativity – Brandon Stanton
  • Community Inspires Creativity – Elle Luna
  • Community Inspires Creativity – Baz Luhrmann

MAX 2015 – Video

  • Audio Is Half the Picture: Getting Great Mixes with Premiere Pro CC and Audition CC
  • Avoiding the Mistakes: Nine Errors in Production and Post-production
  • Work Faster, Be More Creative: Advanced Editing Techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Channel Your Inner Geppetto! Bringing Puppets to Life with Character Animator
  • Color Catastrophe: Fixing Common Color Problems with Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Color Tells a Story: Defeating Your Brain, Evaluating Shots and Making Great Grades
  • Voice Processing Tips and Tricks (with Adobe Audition CC)
  • Creating Music. Creating Video. Bringing It Together with Creative Cloud.
  • Entering 3D: After Effects and Cinema 4D
  • Exploding Your Social Media Channel with Video
  • From Sharks to Superheros: A Day in the Life of a Hollywood Editor
  • Going Mobile: How Adobe Apps Help You in Preproduction, Production and Post
  • More Pop, Less Static: Using After Effects to Make Presentations Pop
  • RocketJump: Tales of a YouTube Sensation
  • Power Tips in Post: Getting the Most out of the Video Tools in Creative Cloud
  • Video Compression in a Post YouTube World
  • Thousands of Frames: Video Color-correction Strategies for Photographers
  • Reinventing the Corporate Interview: Killer Tips for Loving the Task
  • On The Cheap! Getting That Big Interview on a Shoestring Budget

MAX 2015 – Creative Careers

  • 3D Printing for Hollywood and Beyond
  • Adventures in Book Publishing
  • Change Leadership: An Adapt or Die Bootcamp for Creative Teams
  • Creating a Bulletproof Personal Brand to Stand Out from the Competition
  • Creating Unimaginable 3D Printed Art and Architecture
  • Creative Effectiveness in Latin America
  • The Stunning World of 6K: Creating Powerful Imagery Using RED Cameras
  • Learn from the Best: Meet Face Off Winner Rayce Bird and Compete for Prizes
  • Rethinking Your Career: The New Rules You Need to Know
  • Success Tips from the Top: How to Pursue your Dreams and Succeed
  • The Crazy Ones: How to Build a World-Class Career
  • The New Rules for Getting Creative Work Done
  • Future-Proofing Your Design Team: Three Lessons from an Overnight Rebrand

MAX 2015 – Digital Publishing

  • Advanced Workflow Possibilities with the Adobe DPS APIs
  • An EPUB That Goes with the Flow
  • Creating Content for Mobile Apps with Adobe Digital Publishing Solution
  • Designing Fixed Layout EPUBs with InDesign CC
  • Designing Killer Mobile App Experiences
  • DPS Sneaks!
  • Gotta Have It: Making the Move to Adobe DPS 2015
  • How to Smartly Utilize HTML in Adobe Digital Publishing Solution
  • Making the Leap to Adobe DPS 2015
  • Move It or Lose It: Interactivity Techniques, Tips and Tricks for Adobe DPS
  • No Code Required: Using Designer-Focused HTML Tools with Adobe DPS
  • Optimizing Your Interactive HTML Content for Adobe DPS
  • Panel: Driving Real-World Results with DPS
  • Proving Your App’s Impact with Analytics
  • Pushing Mobile Boundaries with DPS
  • The Art of Mobile Apps: Handing Control to the Creatives
  • Using Collections for Navigation in Adobe DPS
  • adobe-max-2015-online-recordings
  • MAX 2015 – Graphic Design & Illustration

  • 25 Golden Tips, Tricks, Triumphs and Threats
  • Adobe Illustrator CC: Work Happy, Not Hard
  • Adobe InDesign CC Power Shortcuts
  • Beyond Infographics: The Future of Visual Communications
  • Color and Creative Cloud: From Instant Capture to Final Production
  • Creative Cloud for Designers: Everything You Need to Create Your Best Work
  • Creative Perseverance: Beyond the Payday
  • Do What I Say, Not What I Do
  • Evolving at the Speed of the Web
  • Exploring Your Creativity in InDesign CC
  • Express Yourself: Let’s Talk About Type
  • From Bold Concepts to Fine Details with DKNG
  • How to Use Type to Seduce Your Reader
  • I Didn’t Know Acrobat Could Do That
  • Illustrator CC: Don’t Just Build…Draw!
  • InDesign CC: Tips and Tricks
  • Introduction to InDesign Animations
  • Just My Type: Commissioning Custom Typefaces
  • Mind the Gap: Becoming a Better Designer by Owning Your Blind Spots
  • You’re Not the Boss of Me!
  • New adobe Tools to Create a Killer Personal Website
  • You Do You: Everything Else Is Secondary
  • New Ways to Create with the Illustrator Family of Apps
  • Photoshop Shortcuts for Graphic Designers
  • Powering the Creative Cloud Ecosystem with the adobe Creative SDK
  • Publish Online: Effortlessly Publish and Distribute InDesign CC Documents
  • Subtlety is Everything
  • Succeeding with Creativity in the Enterprise
  • The Delectable Design and Elegant Craftsmanship of Louise Fili
  • The Hidden Talents of Everyday Things
  • The Journey, Not the Destination
  • The Myth of the Dream Job
  • The New Design Workflow with Creative Cloud
  • The Very Real Power of the Connected Creative
  • Typography in the Leading Role: Creating a Type-Based Poster in Illustrator
  • What Print Designers Need to Know About Designing for Web
  • What’s New in Illustrator CC
  • What’s New in InDesign CC

MAX 2015 – Photography & Creative Imaging

  • Adobe Photoshop CC: Productivity Tips, Better Workflows and Fun
  • Awesome Retouching for the Rest of Us
  • Beyond Megapixels: Taking, Transferring and Tweaking Photos from Any Camera
  • Compositing and Digitally Coloring Handmade and Tablet-Drawn Elements
  • Compositing and Graphic Art
  • Create and Animate 3D Characters in Minutes
  • Creating a Successful Stock Photo Business
  • Creating Amazing Panoramas and HDR Images
  • Creating Beautiful Visual Stories
  • Creating Impossible Worlds
  • Creating Photo Real Characters and Creature Concepts in Photoshop
  • Creating Powerful Black-and-White Images
  • Creativity Wherever You Are
  • Enhance, Perfect and Share your Photos – Anywhere
  • Getting Started in 3D Printing with Photoshop CC
  • Using the Lightroom Develop Module to Reinforce the Visual Narrative
  • Igniting the Creative Spark
  • Lightroom for New Users
  • Optimizing Your Photographic Workflow
  • Photoshop Beginner’s Roadmap: Learn the Essential Tools to Start Your Creative Journey
  • Photoshop CC Layer and Mask Fundamentals
  • Photoshop CC – Advanced Tips and Techniques
  • Photoshop for Photographers: When and How to Go Beyond Lightroom and ACR
  • What’s New in Photoshop CC
  • Photoshop Goes to the Movies: How to Easily Create and Edit Stunning Videos in Photoshop
  • Photoshop in Agency Work: Making Images Work for Campaigns
  • Six Things Every Designer Should be Doing in Photoshop CC Right Now
  • Tips and Techniques for Creating Impressive Effects with Photoshop
  • Tips from the Photoshop Playbook
  • Tricks for Creating the Image to Tell your Story
  • Unveiling Photoshop Fix
  • How to Work Creatively with 3D in Photoshop

MAX 2015 – Web & App Design

  • 13 Mistakes Designers Make During Client Presentations
  • Adobe Muse 101: Building a Website from Scratch
  • Adobe Muse Power User Tips and Tricks
  • Animating Nickelodeon’s riDUCKulously awesome series Breadwinners with Flash CC
  • Animating SVG with Flash Professional CC
  • Animating with Fresh Styles: Techniques for TV with Flash Professional CC
  • Atomic Design: Crafting Interface Design Systems
  • Banish Your Inner Critic: How to Unblock Your Creativity
  • Beyond Measure
  • Beyond Pixels: Responsive Assets for the Modern Web
  • Crafting Delightful Products: Lessons From a Creative Collective
  • Crafting Interactivity: Improving User Experience
  • CSS3 and HTML for Responsive Web Design
  • Design Space (Preview): A New Photoshop Environment for Web, UI and App Design
  • Designing Better App Icons with Photoshop
  • Designing for Generation Z: How Kids are Rewriting the Rules of Their Own User Experiences
  • Designing Tools at adobe: Make, Learn, Build
  • Designing with Beautiful Typography in adobe Muse
  • Dismantling Your Responsive Web Design Workflow and Living to Tell the Story
  • Expand Your Creative Workflows in Dreamweaver with Assets from Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Five Ways to Master Responsive Design
  • Giving Flash Professional Another Look
  • How to Build, Preview and Inspect Web Content Across Multiple Devices
  • Integrating Blogs, Shopping Carts and More in adobe Muse
  • Make It Happen
  • Making Rich Web Experiences
  • Making the Digital Physical with Material Design
  • Mobile App Redesign Case Study – Target Corporation
  • Modern iPhone App Design: Basic Practices and Modern Techniques
  • Must Have Mobile: Critical Tips for Small-Screen Design with adobe Muse
  • Photoshop Shortcuts for Web and App Design
  • Practicing Iteration: Why a Designer’s Job is Never Done
  • Responsive Design: From Photoshop to Dreamweaver to Everywhere Else
  • Seven Things Every Designer Should Be Doing Right Now
  • Style Tiles: The Visual Voice of Your Brand
  • Susan Kare’s Iconic Life: Learnings from a Pioneer of Pixel Art
  • The Analog Desk
  • The Future Is Now: HTML5 Advertising with Flash Professional CC
  • The Path to Performance
  • The Pattern Library as a Web Design Tool
  • Typography on the Web
  • Website Innovation with Global Newspaper Le Monde
  • What’s New in Dreamweaver CC
  • What’s New in Flash Professional CC, the Animation Tool of the Future

 Zobacz nagrania: Max Online 

Emil Gawin

Od zawsze interesujący się tworzeniem obrazu i wprawianiem go w ruch na wszelkie sposoby. Poczynając od malarstwa czy rysunku, przez animację i motion design a na filmowaniu i postprodukcji kończąc. Od kilku lat dzielę się wiedzą działam w internecie oraz poza nim staram się tworzyć społeczność ludzi twórczych.

Jednocześnie pracuję w "branży" tworząc animacje, i inne ruchome obrazy.

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Czy dostęp do darmowych filmików jest jakoś ograniczony czasowo, czy można do nich wracać kiedy się tylko ma na to ochotę? ;)
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